Pre and Postnatal Fitness Classes in Shrewsbury

Are you looking for expert Pre and Postnatal fitness classes in Shrewsbury? At the A1 Leisure gym, we hold our Mummy & Baby fitness classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:15AM – 11:00AM!

Mummy and Baby fitness classes offer baby-friendly workouts tailored for pre and postnatal fitness. These classes focus on helping new mothers regain strength, improve flexibility, and enhance overall well-being while incorporating gentle, safe exercises that can be done with their babies. The workouts are designed to accommodate the physical changes and recovery needs of new mothers, providing a supportive environment to bond with their babies and other mums.


Why is Pre and Postnatal fitness important?

Prenatal Fitness

Improves Cardiovascular Health: Enhances heart and lung function, which supports increased blood volume and oxygen needs. Reduces Pregnancy Complications: Lowers the risk of Gestational Diabetes, Preeclampsia, and Preterm Birth. Eases Labour and Delivery: Strengthens muscles and increases endurance, making labour less strenuous and potentially shorter. Manages Weight Gain: Helps maintain healthy weight gain, reducing the risk of obesity-related complications. Boosts Mental Health: Alleviates stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression through the release of endorphins. Improves Sleep Quality: Promotes better sleep patterns, which can be disrupted by pregnancy discomfort. Enhances Mood and Energy Levels: Increases overall energy and promotes a positive mood. Supports Fetal Health: Encourages health fetal development and may contribute to a healthier birth weight.

Postnatal Fitness

Facilitates Weight Loss: Assists in losing pregnancy weight and returning to pre-pregnancy fitness levels. Strengthens Core Muscles: Aids in the recovery of abdominal muscles and pelvic floor strength, which can be weakened by childbirth. Boosts Energy Levels: Helps combat postpartum fatigue by increasing overall energy and stamina. Reduces Postpartum Depression: Physical Activity can be an effective tool in managing and reducing symptoms of depression. Improves Mental Health: Enhances mood and reduces stress through the release of endorphins. Enhances Flexibility and Mobility: Restores flexibility and mobility, which can be affected by childbirth. Supports Overall Physical Health: Promotes general well-being and helps in the preventions of chronic diseases. Increases Self-Esteem: Enhances body image and self-esteem during the postpartum period.

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