Affordable Personal Training in Shrewsbury

Are you looking for affordable Personal Training in Shrewsbury? Look no further than the A1 Leisure Gym! Our Personal Training packages include body and fitness assessments, full programme suited to your fitness goals, and nutritional support!

Because our Personal Trainers each have their own expertise and specialities, you’re sure to find a Personal Trainer who can help you achieve your goals! Learn more about them below and get in touch to ask any questions and book your sessions! We also offer 10-week programmes with our Personal Trainers for £220, working out at just £22 a session! You can purchase this deal on our JOIN NOW page.


Stephen Banks – Owner & Personal Trainer

Steve has a Level 3 in Personal Training, Advanced Gym Instructing, Nutrition, and Exercise Referral. With 17 years experience as a PT and 4 years teaching PTs, he specialises in Sport Specific Coaching and exercise for older adults: focussing on long term gradual changes, lifestyle benefits, and energy levels.

What are the Benefits of affordable personal training?

Expert Guidance: Personal Trainers can provide tailored workout plans and techniques based on your fitness goals and individual needs. With affordable options, you can still access professional advice without breaking the banks.

Accountability: Knowing that you have a scheduled session with one of our Personal Trainers will keep you motivated and accountable for your workouts.

Customisation: Affordable Personal Training typically involves personalised fitness plans designed to meet your specific goals, whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, or overall fitness improvement.

Form Correction: One of the most valuable aspects of Personal Training is the ability to receive immediate feedback on your form and technique. This reduces the risk of injury and ensures that you’re getting the most out of your workout.

Progress Tracking: Personal Trainers can track your progress over time, adjusting your program as needed to ensure continued improvement.

Motivation and Support: Beyond just providing instruction, Personal Trainers often serve as motivators and sources of support. They can offer encouragement during challenging workout and help you overcome mental barriers that may be holding you back.

Education: Working with Personal Trainers helps you learn about proper exercise techniques, nutrition, and overall wellness.

Flexibility: Our affordable Personal Training options offer flexibility in terms of scheduling and session frequency. This makes it easier to fit workouts into your busy lifestyle.

To learn more about the benefits of Personal Training, visit the Healthline website.